T-SISTA (Trans Sisters Informing Sisters on Topics of AIDS)

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Based on CDC’s Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBI) project SISTA, TSISTA is a skills training group for Lati
na transgender women based on gender- and culturally- relevant discussions aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior and increasing condom use. Sessions focus on ethnic and gender pride, HIV knowledge, and skills training around sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision-making.

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Sessions include behavioral skills practice, group discussions, lectures, and role-playing. Topics that generate these discussions and activities include ethnic/gender pride; HIV/AIDS education; self-assertiveness skills training; and behavioral skills management.

NovaSalud’s TSISTA program gives participants the opportunity to explore ethnic and gender pride and sexual risk reduction behaviors through relevant vocational skills introduction and training. This is based on the knowledge that vocation and skills provide the participant with the self- confidence and empowerment necessary to focus on self-advocacy and assertiveness, which will lead to safer decision-making.

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