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This HIV testing strategy uses SOCIAL NETWORKS to look/find high-risk gay/bisexual men, who are HIV positive and are unaware of their status. Social Networks uses recruiters who assist in the process of finding these high-risk individuals, who are usually their friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

Social Networks provides incentives to encourage high-risk Black and Latino gay/bisexual men to get tested for HIV. Each person who tests receives a $10 gift card and the recruiter receives a $25 gift card every time he/she successfully refers three gay/bisexual men to get screened.

If you Know high-risk men who fall under this category, who suspects he might be infected with HIV, lives in Northern Virginia, and is not comfortable going to a clinic to get tested- we can go to their house or another neutral place where he may be tested confidentially and privately. If you are interested in helping RECRUIT them, then this is your opportunity to change someone else life. Help us to help others!!!


Contact us if you have questions or need more information.


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