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Established by and for the community, NovaSalud, Inc.’s mission is to improve and strengthen the health and well-being of our diverse Northern Virginia community through culturally-competent and language-appropriate HIV/AIDS services and prevention education.

We now offer PrEP Referrals!

NovaSalud,Inc. actively links high risk HIV negative clients interested in beginning PrEP  to providers. Schedule an appointment today!

Free condoms for Northern VA residents !

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Efforts are made to increase the number of individuals who have access to, receive, and know how to properly use a male condom.





  • Provide condoms free of charge to individuals at high risk
  • Distribute free Condoms at National LGBT Health Week, National HIV Testing Day, National Latino Awareness Day, and World AIDS Day.
  • Promote condom use by increasing awareness of condom benefits and normalizing condom use within target community
  • Distribute free Condoms to target community at greatest risk for HIV infection, especially those marginalized by social, economic, or other structural conditions.
  • Establish organizational support for condom distribution and promotion activities in traditional and non-traditional venues.
  • Provide free condoms in the community,at clubs, Metro stations, convenience stores, beauty salons/barber shops, and other community venues.

Condom distribution is widely available to ensure successful HIV prevention. Condom distribution programs increase condom availability and use among a wide range of young adults and adults.

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