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Community outreach is an integral and indispensable component of all of our programs as our experience has taught us that individuals at high-risk of HIV in the community at venues where they frequent is the most effective method for reaching this target population. Through repeated encounters during outreach, health educators will build trusting relationships with targeted individuals—a necessary step before clients are motivated to accept educational health materials and condoms/barriers, accept and use referrals for services such as HIV/STD counseling and testing.

NovaSalud Inc. programs takes into account the unique cultural issues of the targeted Latino and Black/African-American groups by collaborating with those support networks indigenous to the specific community; tailoring programs that take into account the unique concerns and expectations of specific ethnic groups, and disseminating culturally and linguistically appropriate written materials. NovaSalud Inc. also provides extended evening hours/outreach, staff and volunteers to accommodate the target population’s habits, behavior and traffic flow

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